Agencies & B2B Companies

1-3 ideal high-ticket clients

every month.

We'll fill your sales pipeline in weeks, so you don't rely on paid ads, content or referrals.

100% performance-basedNo effort on your end

Our Process

Offer Optimization

You can't do much without a no-brainer offer. That's exactly where we start - making your offer a no-brainer.

3-Step Sales Funnel

You need a battle-tested sales funnel that will actually close deals. With our 3-step sales funnel, you will know exactly how to sign a client successfully.

Outreach Systems

Once you have basics down, it's time to book qualified meetings predictably. We set up outreach systems that bring meetings on auto-pilot.

Book Qualified Calls

Soon after, your calendar will be filled with ideal prospects looking for your service. Just move them through your new sales funnel and close those deals!

We Speak Numbers

Sales agency

Sales agency in
22 days

Marketing agency

Marketing agency in
17 days

Web design agency

Web design agency in
4 days


Our offer is 100% based on performance, so you are taking no zero risk on your end. We refuse to take your money if you don't make even more!


We've also made sure there is no effort involved on your end. All you need to do is take a few calls with us. You should be busy closing deals!


This is the most predictable client acquisition channel by far. Scale your business faster without relying on paid ads, content or referrals.

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